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Driving lessons Bournemouth
Driving lessons Bournemouth

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04 May 2010

Eco Driving is not only now a part of the driving test, but it very important to your every day driving life. Not only can you reduce your carbon emissions dramatically by employing eco-driving techniques, but it will save you money on fuel, and even your car tax if you drive a low carbon emitting vehicle. See the above article for some eco driving tips.

29 April 2010

Rapid Results Driving School is launching in Bournemouth big style! We aim to be the biggest and best Driving School in the area. We are unique in specialising in Crash Courses. We also offer pay as you go lessons for people who aren't in a hurry to learn!


06 May 2010

There are many ways in which you can drive in a more eco friendly way. Leave gaps in slow moving traffic to avoid having to keep braking and accelerating - try and keep a slow constant pace. Do not carry unnecessarily heavy loads in your vehicle. Adjust tyre pressures depending on the weight of the load in your car. Remove roof racks when they are not in use. Only use air conditioning or open windows when really necessary. Always change up to a higher gear as soon as you can - keep your revs low! The lower the revs, the better. Do not over rev your vehicle. Have regular car services. The best eco driving tip - walk or cycle when you can, especially for short trips!

Rapid Results Driving School Bournemouth - Latest News!

18 May 2010

The DSA ask you 2 questions now before the test begins. Your examiner will ask you whether you want your instructor to sit in the back of the car during your test, and whether you would like your instructor to listen in to the de-brief at the end. (This is a good idea, as if you do not pass, your instructor can listen to why you failed in order to help you pass next time).

04 June 2010

In October, the driving test is changing. There will only be 1 manoeuvre to complete instead of 2, but there will be an independent drive as part of the test to mimic ‘real-life' driving. You will be asked to follow signs towards a certain location that the examiner will tell you, until you are directed otherwise. The pass rate is no lower for people doing the test in this way, than what it is like now.

26 July 2010

The DSA are launching a new V5C certificate from 15th August, which will help reduce the risks of motorists buying stolen or cloned vehicles. The new certificate will apply to all new vehicles and any changes to an existing vehicle requiring a new certificate being sent. All existing V5C certificates will remain valid.

02 August 2010

There has been a recent Vauxhall Corsa recall notice. There are potential problems with the handbrake on some Corsa D models. Subsequently, the DSA have announced that because of this risk, you can only take your driving test in this particular car if you have dual controls fitted, or you bring documents to the test showing remedial work has been carried out.

08 September 2010

The DSA will not be publishing the new test routes for the independent drive section of the driving test on their website. This is to stop people learning the test routes for thier driving test! You should be able to follow signs in unfamiliar areas when you pass your test, and you will be expected to do this in your driving test.

23 October 2010

1 in 5 drivers are so afraid of using motorways that they avoid them all together in favour of longer journeys on A or B roads. This lost generation is suffering from so called 'm-phobia'. Motorways are statistically the safest roads in the country. We can help motorway-phobes here at Rapid Results!

8th November 2010

The DSA has joined Facebook. To join their group and get all the info yu might need about driving/tests/licences etc, visit their website now at:

8th November 2010

The DSA will no longer be publishing driving theory questions and answers. This is to stop people just memorising questions and answers. Learners will be expected to have a good general knowledge of all aspects of driving.

6th December 2010

The DSA have published their information book ‘Know your traffic signs’ online. You can view it here:

Not only will it help you with your driving theory and practical test, but knowing your signs will keep you a safe and knowledgeable driver in the future.

19th February 2011

In the spring, a new law will mean that your car must still be insured even if it is not being used. The only time you don't need to insure it is if you have informed the DVLA that it is off road. The registered keeper must make sure the vehicle is insured at all times. For more info go to:

11th May 2011

The Highway code is now over 80 year’s old!! It is the original driving ‘bible’ and still the staple reading for any new learner. It is available in a range of formats.

4th July 2011

The DSA are considering letting people take their driving test from places other than driving test centres, if their local test centre is too far for them to go. Places such as conference halls and hotels could be used.

10 October 2011

The speed limit could be raised to 80mph on motorways in 2013. There are currently talks about it. There seems to be mixed opinion. Motorways are not included on current L tests.

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