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Pass your test quickly with Bournemouth’s crash course driving lesson specialist!

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Driving lessons Bournemouth
Driving lessons Bournemouth

Pass with us like hundreds of others and get your pass certificate too!

Refresher Driving Lessons with Rapid Results!


There are many, many reasons that someone might want refresher lessons. You can take a course of lessons with Rapid Results or just one or two - however many you want! Lessons are priced from £20 per hour (see pay as you go prices) and can be taken in 1, 1.5 2, 2.5 or 3 hour sessions. You can take refresher driving lessons in Bournemouth, Boscombe, Poole, Parkstone, Christchurch, Southbourne, Boscombe, Ringwood, Ferndown, Verwood, and all local areas.


Don’t be embarrassed about taking a refresher lesson, we have seen and heard it all before! It takes a competent and responsible person to query their driving skills and take a refresher lesson to check whether they are doing something correct or to learn / re-learn a skill.


Some common reasons that people take refresher lessons are:


• Wanting to learn how to park / reverse park in their car


• Wanting to know how to deal with a particular local roundabout / junction, etc


• Having a foreign licence and want to learn how to do something on an English road which they might not have experience with (such as dealing with roundabouts)


• Wanting to build their confidence


• Wanting to build their understanding of changing rules and regulations


• Have passed their test some years ago but not driven much / at all, since


• Have had a break from driving and would like to re-start


• Have lost confidence due to having an accident, or are a nervous driver


• Have a new driving job and want to brush up their skills


• Wanting to save money and fuel by driving more efficiently


• Have a new car and want to go out with an instructor the first few times to ensure they are doing things correctly



• Wanting to enjoy driving again by learning how to deal with bad drivers, rather than it being a stressful situation every time they go out


• Wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and drive in a way that produces less carbon emissions


• Wanting to get rid of bad habits


• Are supervising their son / daughter etc on their lessons and want to make sure they are doing things correctly!


• Have too many points on their licence but aren’t sure why


ANY reason at all that you have for wanting some refresher lessons, we will understand and be able to help.


Book driving refresher lessons now or contact us now to discuss any queries you may have.



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Motorway tuition!


1 in 5 drivers are scared of driving on UK motorways! It has been named ‘m-phobia’ and 20% of motorists are happy to make longer journeys on A and B roads in order to avoid motorways. The AA has commented that there is now a ‘lost generation’ of drivers - even though motorways are statistically the safest roads in the country.


Here at Rapid Results we are happy to give motorway tuition, all tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your fear, we can help you and give you the confidence to use a motorway any time you want.